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Whether it’s cameras, printers or film, Instax products inspire your customers to come together and share everything your business has to give. Especially the instax Link WIDE smartphone printer; its compact and lightweight design makes it portable. And the fast, quality reprints add richness to any customer experience.

Product overview

Business ideas

01 Live event ideas

- Prints for autographing -

give fans a tangible memento signed by their artist/idol. You can customize them with the date, stickers, even add a QR code to the artist’s page.

- Portable photo booth -

customers love to engage with photo booths during events. With the Link WIDE, they can take and print as many pics as they want, without the confinements of a box. You can also customize the prints and make them unique to your event.

02 Big day ideas

- Save the date invites -

allows you to have multiple variations and even include a QR code to the couple's bridal website or a video of the couple inviting everyone “live.”

- Thank you cards -

allows the married couple to select their favorite moments from the wedding, print them, and send them as their very own Thank You cards. They can include a QRcode to a video thanking everyone for their attendance and gift !

03 Tourism ideas

- Prints as souvenirs -

after each tour, give participants one print to the home as souvenir.

- Prints as postcards -

use prints as postcard-like objects that you can sell to customers.

04 Restaurant / bar ideas

- Prints to showcase special of the day -

daily specials change constantly. With the Link WIDE, you get to showcase them in a fun, visual manner while linking to the main menu.

- Prints to showcase bar menu only -

use the prints at the bar only and feature your most popular items,drinks and appetizer specials. The QR code can drive to the extended “only at the bar” menu online.

05 Editorial ideas

- Prints for inspiration -

your employees can use the printer to create inspiration prints during the creative process… whether swipe they liked and want to hang them on a board or something they just saw in the street and triggered a new idea.

- Prints for partnership pitches -

bring an element of fun and unexpected by using WIDE prints to bring to life your ideas during pitches for prospective clients.

06 Other ideas

- Prints as ID cards -

upgrade the classic lanyard with fun, customized prints.

- Prints for employees to showcase what makes them “them” -

ask your employees to showcase who they are through a few prints they can display in their space.

- Real estate : Prints as part of the“sold / welcome home” kit -

use the prints to give your customers a memento to keep forever after they close the deal.

don't just take,give.

Product Specifications